Do I Need a Power Flush / What's the cost?


A power flush  is necessary because it increases the efficiency and performance of your system. It is basically the cleaning of your central heating system. This process is the one that is referred to as a power flush. For you to consider conducting a powerflush on your central heating system then there are basic symptoms that will tell that your system is faulty.


The symptoms you notice are cases such as your system not distributing the same amount of heat to all areas, high energy bills far from normal and extended durability of your system. Instantly if you notice these symptoms then your heater is faulty and it requires a power flush immediately to correct the situation.


A central heating power flush takes some few hours and your heater is fixed. You should however ensure that you have the right equipment and that the person you have assigned the job is qualified. Before the power flush begins it is important to take a record of the current temperature standings which will enable you to compare with the final standings after the fixing is completed. Also ensure that you turn off the system manually to avoid any electrocutions or shocks.


In the case when you are conducting the power flush by yourself you are now good to go and can connect the power flushing machine. Put into consideration that since it is a cleaning process some dirt will arise hence ensure that you have removed the materials that might be stained during this process.

The first step is filling the unit with water then adding the cleaning chemicals. Ensure that you carefully consider the instructions on them to avoid any steps from going wrong. The mixture should be allowed to mix to an appropriate of 15 minutes so that it can cut across all the radiators.


The Power flush prices in London and local area can vary depending on the size off your property as well as the number of radiators that need to be flushed, on average a powerflush ranges between £300 - £900 


After the time set out has expired you can now drain your dirt into an appropriate place. It is advisable to repeat this process more than ones so as to ensure that no dirt is left clogging on the surfaces of the system.


The number of times that you will repeat this is dependent on your satisfaction after which you are required to introduce a chemical inhibitor then return back your system into its original position.

It is then that you will again assess the temperature of your central heater and compare it with the previous results and note the changes.


Even when you have hired a person to do the job for you it is important that you supervise their work to ensure that your power flush central heating is a success.